Preschool Children

Work is completed with the child, parent and/or other family members. I typically meet with parents first and complete a session or two with the child before determining the most appropriate approach. There may be parent consultation sessions, child sessions, as well as some family work (such as joint parent-child sessions).

Problems Addressed
  • Emotion or behaviour regulation concerns
  • Mental health concerns, such as anxiety and mood difficulties
  • Sleep problems, such as bedtime problems, difficulties falling to sleep and nightwakings
  • Life stressors or significant life events, such as family transitions and loss
  • Developmental delays
  • Health concerns, such as chronic health diagnoses
  • Developmental assessments, including cognitive, adaptive, social emotional and/or behavioural functioning
  • Exploring possible sleep problems, or early indicators of social emotional difficulties
  • Functional behaviour assessments
  • Parent consultation including providing information, support and suggestions to help with a child's well-being and development
  • Sleep consultation, during which a brief assessment of sleep difficulties are explored and evidence-based suggestions and information is provided to parents
  • Parent support
  • Child-centred, play-based therapy with child
  • Parent-child relationship therapy
  • Behaviour therapy