Work is primarily individual therapy, but at times, couples sessions may be appropriate.

Problems Addressed
  • Mental health concerns, such as anxiety and depression
  • Sleep problems, such as insomnia and sleep phase disorders
  • Life stressors or significant life events, personal loss, and difficulties coping
  • Self-esteem and image concerns
  • Interpersonal or relationship difficulties
  • Health concerns, such as chronic health issues and/or chronic pain
  • Psychoeducational assessment for young adults (early 20's).  This is a comprehensive assessment of various aspects, that may impact an individual's learning.  Depending on the nature of the referral, it may include: intellectual testing, academic performance, memory, attention, adaptive functioning, social emotional and/or behavioural functioning.   
  • Psychodiagnostic assessment to explore reasons for an individual's struggles including possible mental health diagnoses.
  • Parent consultation to provide parents with information and support regarding their children.  Given the focus is on the parent, this  may include recommendations related to one's own struggles and/or mental health.  
  • Sleep consultation to help explore sleep difficulties and possible strategies or treatment to address sleep problems.
  • Brief mental health consultation.  Exploring possible symptoms and providing suggestions, including possibly recommending a more extensive assessment and/or treatment.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Psychoeducation and skills training (coping skills, problem solving)
  • Acceptance and committment therapy strategies
  • Parent training and support
  • Client-centred/supportive therapy