Telepsychology Services

Telepsychology services are a form of psychological service provided at a distance via technology. It has the same purpose as psychology sessions that are conducted face-to-face. Due to the nature of the technology used, telepsychology services may be experienced somewhat differently than in-person sessions. Telepsychology involves arranging an appointment time when we can both interface from our computers or smartphones via the Internet, or by phone.

For videoconferencing options, I am currently using two secure telepsychology platforms:

  1. Video Therapy through my Owl Practice account for clients who have an active client account through my practice management platform, and
  2. for any client (you do not need to create an account).

They are among the most secure providers of this technology at this time and their services are consistent with my privacy and confidentiality standards. Owl Practice and are secure, encrypted, and PHIPA compliant. Please feel free to ask me further questions if you have concerns.

For more information regarding Owl Practice’s privacy and security, please go to:

For more information regarding’s privacy and security, please go to:

At your schedule time, you will click on a link sent to you by email to connect to my virtual waiting room, either through

  1. Owl Practice that sends you to the secure client portal ( Please note, you will need a secure client portal account set up in order to use this option;  or
  2. through (

Both platforms are entirely web-based so there is no application installation needed. Please ensure that your microphone and camera are turned on. This might mean having to go into your computer or smartphone settings to enable access to these.

For more information for the Video Therapy through Owl Practice, see;

For, follow these instructions.

For clients who prefer and/or need to complete these sessions by telephone, please provide me a telephone number to reach you at your scheduled appointment time.