Relocating my office space beginning June 2024

Supportive, Collaborative, and Evidence-Based Care

My goal is to provide supportive, collaborative, and evidence-based psychological services to children, youth, adults and families in Ottawa. I hope to provide clients with empowering knowledge and support to address their struggles and concerns, as well as to help them build upon their strengths and help with their overall well-being and functioning. I value the innate worth of all persons and seek to understand clients within their unique context and perspective.

Telepsychology Services

I provide telepsychology sessions for clients in which this is clinically appropriate.

In-Office Services

I am available to see clients in person two days per week.


Services are provided by a registered psychologist with years of training and experience.


Genuine, compassionate care is the basis of my approach to providing services to clients.


Clients are actively involved in deciding goals and the focus of therapy.

Services Offered

I work with clients across the lifespan. Find out more by selecting an age-range below.

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